Rewrites continue

I’m up to chapter 15, and since there are only 20 chapters in the book, I’d say I’m definitely going to be done with the book by next week, barring accident or fire or other emergency.

It’s really drying out my eyes though. I’m spending a lot of time staring at the screen. Usually I’d edit on paper and then go back through on the computer, but I’m doing so much flat-out rewriting, moving so much around, it’s really not practical to do it any way but in Word.

It’s REALLY incredible what shifting some POV around will do for focus. I have no idea why several minor characters ended up with POVs in the original draft; two of them were even characters who die in this book! Why did they get POVs? By moving the same scenes onto characters we’re supposed to continue to care about and be interested in, it really tightens things up.

I’m having some other issues, but for now I have to go take care of other non-writing stuff, so I’ll leave it for later. Time to take care of my rats!


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