Tweaking book 2

Rewrites on Book 2 continuing apace. A lot slower than I got through book 1, though. Mostly because it’s not as much fun. Books 2 and 3 are a lot more fun to read, or were anyway, but they need less "real" work to fix. I’m not going through and deleting whole scenes and changing chapter orders and writing out characters this time. I’m just checking for typos, adverbs, and that damned passive voice. The places where changes from Book 1 carry over into Book 2 aren’t requiring major rewrites because, for the most part, I tweaked Book 1 to be more in-line with the later books.

There have been a few interesting tidbits. Like when I realized that the freak-out two characters are having over a bit of information given to them at the end of Book 1… wasn’t in Book 1 at all. It must have been in an earlier draft and somehow got deleted is all I can figure. No one’s ever noticed that Zefyn never tells Patrik X thing at all! And yet Patrik reacts to it, discusses it with the other characters…. I quietly sneaked it back into Book 1 and then went and banged my head against a wall.


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