First rejection, woo

Well, got my rejection letter back from my first agent query! Yay, it means I’m part of the actual process now! Would be nicer if it wasn’t following the worst weekend I can remember since 2004, but hey.

What stings a little is that it was the formiest of form letters… not only unsigned, but only on 1/3 sheet of paper. Presumably so they can reject 3 queries for the price of a single sheet.

Well, back on the horse. I really need to fix my synopsis though. It sucks painfully. It’s really awful. I finally have my query to (I believe) an acceptable place… but that synopsis. Ugh! Awful!

Anyone who’d like to take a look at it and tell me things like "Is that sentence supposed to be English?" and "I have no idea what you’re trying to say here… who did what?" and other helpful things?


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