Mind the Gap

Hey, who put this plot hole here?

Re-writing the first two chapters, naturally, left several weird scene-bits and event-followups in chapters 4 and 6 (possibly others, I haven’t gotten to scanning the other chapters in that particular strand of my three-setting plot) that had to be pruned. For some of those scenes, they were completely hacked out, being no longer necessary or depending on an earlier scene that no longer existed. For other bits, I could whittle away at them with a knife instead of a machete.

I’m finding that I really like FE more in this draft. She’s coming across as a much stronger character with much more agency. In the last draft, the plot sort of drove her ahead of it and she was mostly a reactive character. Now she’s much more of a takes-no-shit sort of woman, who knows who she is and doesn’t doubt her ability to weather this storm.

And reaching the end of chapter 4, I suddenly found myself saying… wait, what?

There’s a huge plot hole here! Or maybe not a hole, but at least a pothole. How I never noticed it before I don’t know, because it doesn’t depend on anything taken out. It’s just… weird and nonsensical.

Why would a character in a panic who knows she has a long journey ahead of her wait for several hours before leaving a place that she hates and is disrespectful and threatening to everything she is? And why choose to begin that long journey at night, in a rainstorm, after waiting those several hours?

Honestly, I’m dumbfounded. And sort of surprised none of my beta readers asked about it. And really surprised I never caught it, because I know it’s been in several revisions now.

I sort of like finding things like this. I had to rewrite most of Book 3 because I suddenly realized that Patrik would be… well, dead by chapter 3 at the latest, and he’s sort of really, really freaking important. No Patrik, pretty much no book. Yet he was acting so recklessly that there’s just no way he’d survive. Oops! It was okay because it was a first draft, so I can excuse myself for not realizing that the setting would basically pound him flat for his hubris.

But on the other hand, this is just sort of embarrassing.

Sometimes I feel like I never want to publish this thing, because every revision catches a lot of crap. We live in hope!


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